BCM Bravo Company 7″ KMR KeyMod AR-15 Rail System HandGuard (BCM-KMR-7556-BLK)

BCM Bravo Company 7″ KMR KeyMod AR-15 Rail System HandGuard (BCM-KMR-7556-BLK)

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Specifications of the BCM Bravo Company KMR-7

7.39” Length

5.2 Ounces (Including Mounting Hardware)

1.3” Inside Diameter

1.5” Outside Flat to Flat Distance

 Made from Aluminum/Magnesium Alloy

Compatible with AR-15


Overview of the Carbine Length BCM KMR Rail

When Bravo Company Manufacturing decided to make an AR-15 handguard, they wanted to build something different.  They wanted to separate themselves from the pack and offer something that users had not experienced.  With this objective leading the engineers, several innovated features were integrated into the BCM KeyMod Rail system.  The result is a highly functional rail system that performs better than expected


The Foundation

With the object of building something better, Bravo Company did away with the traditional 6061 or 7075 aluminum that is used to make all of the other KeyMod handguards. Instead, BCM looked at a blended aluminum magnesium alloy.  This new material has not been used in any other AR-15 handguard, but it possesses several benefits.  The main reason why BCM went with this new blend is because it offer a 30-40% weight reduction when compared to aluminum.  However, although it is substantially lighter, this aluminum/magnesium alloy has the same strength properties as aluminum, making for a very durable rail.


Mounting the HandGuard

Another innovative design features in the Carbine Length KMR is the mounting system.  Durable design and development, the engineers had noted that the mounting systems from several other companies would lose tension when subject to the high heat of rapid fire.  Obviously this is less than ideal and the designers came to a solution.  The KMR uses a proprietary mounting system that involves two cross bolts.  These dual cross bolts provide consistent pressure and prevent rail migration during high heat situations.



This handguard takes advantage of the new KeyMod negative space mounting system.  This mounting system has several advantages over the older Picatinny rail sections.  Since it is a negative space mounting system, you remove material in order to make the mounting surface instead of adding material, as you would with a Picatinny rail.  Because of this KeyMod rails are able to be substantially lighter than Picatinny quad rails.  Additionally, KeyMod rails are much more comfortable to hold than grabbing onto Picatinny railing.  The BCM KMR has 7 sections of KeyMod mounting slot available on this handguard, these sections are location at the 3, 6, & 9 o’clock position, as well as being available at 45 degree offset locations.  This allows you a great amount of versatility in where you can mount your equipment. 


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