Bravo Company 10″ KMR Alpha AR-15 KeyMod HandGuard (BCM-KMR-A10-556-BLK)

Bravo Company 10″ KMR Alpha AR-15 KeyMod HandGuard (BCM-KMR-A10-556-BLK)

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The Bravo Company KMR Rail is one of the most functional and innovative AR-15 KeyMod rail systems on the market. The KMR had several features that set it apart from the competition and gave you a tremendous advantage. One of the main differences with the original BCM KMR rail is that it was made out of a magnesium and aluminum blended alloy.


New Material

As stated, the original BCM KMR was made from an aluminum and magnesium blended alloy. He reason for doing this is because the material was over 30% lighter while retaining similar strength characteristics as solid aluminum. However, the blended alloy did have one drawback, it was rather exotic and in short supply. Enter the new KMR Alpha. The KMR Alpha gives you all of the innovative structural changes seen in the original KMR, but the BCM KMR Alpha is made from a more common 6061-T6 aluminum.

The aluminum construction of this 10” KMR Alpha gives it some advantages over the exotic alloy blend of the original KMR. The most notable advantage of the aluminum construction is that the KMR Alpha will be much more widely available and in stock compared to the original KMR. In addition to the availability, due to the aluminum construction, the KMR Alpha is also offered at a substantially reduced price compared to the original KMR.


Innovative Mounting System

One of the most unique and innovative features of the BCM KMR Alpha is the way that it mounts to the barrel nut. The KMR Alpha uses a clamp type mounting system, which can be seen in various iterations on other rails. However, there are some very distinct advantages to the specifics seen in the KMR mounting system.

One of the innovative features of the KMR mount is that it puts the clamp system at the 12 o’clock position on the rail, as opposed to the 6 o’clock position, which is seen on rails made by other competitors. The 6 o’clock mounting clamp is inferior to the 12 o’clock clamp seen on the KMR Alpha for several reasons. The 6 o’clock clamp essentially causes deformation of the gas tube tunnel over time. This will cause a degradation in performance and a change in the specs of your rail. However, the 12 o’clock clamp system of the KMR alpha avoids this issue. The clamping system essentially reinforces the gas tube channel. Additionally, the clamp position on the KMR allows for a much more even distribution of the clamping force.



The BCM KMR Alpha features seven full length sections of KeyMod accessory mounting slots. These sections are on the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position of the rail, as well as the 45 degree offset positions. This allows you a great amount of versatility in where you would like to mount your accessories.

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