Burris AR-332 AR-15 3x32mm Prism Red Dot Sight (300208)

Burris AR-332 AR-15 3x32mm Prism Red Dot Sight (300208)

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The Burris AR-332 optic is a 3x magnification scope that is designed to use with law enforcement, military, as well as competitive and recreational shooters. This scope was engineered to allow you to get fast and accurate hits on targets at multiple ranges. The reticle enables you to get fast, “snap” sight pictures for rapid engagement and the reticle also has hold over stadia for long range shots.


Ballistic CQ Reticle

The Burris AR-332 scope uses the Burris Ballistic CQ Reticle. This reticle has multiple useful features that make ideal for a wide range of applications. The reticle features a large, 2 mil thick, 7 mil wide (inside diameter) circle. This large circle is easy for your eye to rapidly pick up a focus on. This feature makes fast, less precise shots easy to shoot due to this large aiming reference.

The Ballistic CQ reticle also has smaller reticle dots. These dots give you trajectory compensation out to 600 yards for 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm cartridges. These hold over points allow you to quickly and easily engage multiple targets at different distances without having to dial in elevation changes. Without having to dial in elevation changes, you can engage your target much more quickly, which can be very helpful with intermittently exposed targets.



The Ballistic CQ reticle in the Burris AR-332 has an integrated illumination feature. When the reticle is not illuminated, it will appear black. However, the reticle can be illuminated with either a red or green color. This illumination an help to increase the contrast between the reticle and the target, making it easier to determine where you are aiming. This can be particularly helpful in lower light situations where a black reticle may be difficult to pick up on a darker target. You are able to adjust the illuminated reticle to any of the 10 available setting. Both the red and green illumination have 5 different brightness setting each. This allows you to get the optimal sight picture based on your environment, target and personal preferences.



The AR-332 is adaptable to multiple situations. One of the ways in which you can adapt this optic is by utilizing the integrated picatinny rail section. The AR-332 features picatinny rail sections on the top as well as the side of the optic. These rail sections allow you to mount any number of different accessories. One of the most useful items you could mount onto one of the picatinny rail would be a Burris FastFire red dot sight. By piggy backing a red dot sight onto the top of your AR-332, you will have both long range, and close quarters capabilities. Another option would be to mount a light and/or a laser onto the available picatinny sections. The possibilities are endless and this will allow you to set up your optic just the way you need it for your particular mission.

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