Burris Fastfire III 3-MOA Red Dot Sight w/ Mount 300234

Burris Fastfire III 3-MOA Red Dot Sight w/ Mount 300234

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  • The Burris FastFIre 3 is a very competitively priced mini red dot sight that can be mounted on a variety of platforms.  This red dot sight is extremely small, yet surprisingly durable.  The sight weight little more than one ounce and is only 1.9 inches in lengths.  With these minimal dimensions, this sight can fit in a variety of paces.  The Burris FastFire III is one of the smallest red dot sights currently available for sale on the market.  It’s compact size and light weight ensue that it will not disturb the balance of your rife.  You will barely notice that it is there, until you need to use it.


  • The brightness of the 3 MOA red dot reticle can be adjusted between 3 brightness settings.  In addition to the manual brightness settings, you can also choose an automatic brightness setting.  The automatic brightness setting will choose the appropriate brightness setting based on the ambient light in your current environment.


  • Adjustment of the reticle to zero your sight is made easy with accurate and easy to use windage and elevation adjustments.  The windage and elevation can be adjusted in 1 MOA increments.  The elevation has a total range of motion capability of 115 MOA.  The windage adjustment has a total range of 86 ROM (43 MOA Left or right from center).  The elevation and windage adjustments can be changed using the rim of a brass case and without the use of a special tool.


  • The Burris Red dot sight has 1x magnification and a fixed parallax setting.  The true 1x magnification allows for easy, both eyes open shooting.  Shooting with both eyes open allows for better situational awareness and can help with target transitions.


  • A CR1632 battery powers the Burris FastFIre III. A CR1632 is included when you buy this sight.  The battery can be accessed on the top of the sight.  This easy access to the battery compartment allows for quick and easy battery changes when you need to make them and also ensures that you do not have to re-zero your dot every time you have to swap out a battery.


  • The aiming reticle in this sight is a 3 MOA dot.  This sized dot allows for quick sight acquisition while also being small enough to allow for more precise shots.  

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