Burris AR-PEPR Proper Eye Position Ready 30mm QD Scope Mount (410342)

Burris AR-PEPR Proper Eye Position Ready 30mm QD Scope Mount (410342)


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This Burris scope mount is designed to be utilized with the AR-15.  This scope mount has several features that you would normally associate with a high price, but this scope mount is able to come in at a very competitive sale price.


This mount is designed to be compatible with 30mm main tube optics. The cantilevered style mount, which throws the scope out forward, is designed for use on AR-15 rifles.  This cantilever, allows you to have the scope forward enough to get the proper eye relief.  However, the Picatinny interface stays back and mounts completely on the rigid upper receiver.  This allows for the best mounting surface between your rifle and the optic.


One of the advanced features of this mounting base is that it has a quick disconnect capability.  By simply throwing two levers, the scope can easily be dismounted and remounted on to the same or different firearm.  This can allow you to more easily share optics between multiple firearms, or gain access to your iron sights, if needed.  In addition to this, this Burris scope mount also comes with smooth and Picatinny topped ring halves.  The Picatinny ring tops can be used to mount a mini red-dot sight for quick and easy near to far target transitions.  You are also able to mount any other Picatinny mounted accessory on these ring tops, such as a bubble level for precision shooting.

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