Bushnell Red Dot TRS-25 Sight w/ HiRise Mount (AR731306)

Bushnell Red Dot TRS-25 Sight w/ HiRise Mount (AR731306)

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The Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight is the perfect budget AR-15 red dot optic. This sight performs just a good if not better than red dots that are offered at a significantly higher price. This bargain red dot should serve as the definition of value with its long list of features and such an affordable, low price.



The Bushnell TRS-25 red dot does not take up much space. The relatively small optical sight weighs in at just 6 ounces and is only 2.4 inches in length. The compact nature of the TRS sight lends itself to being used in several different applications. With the light weight and small size of the optic, it will not drastically change the balance of a rifle, unlike other, heavier optics. Additionally, the small size of the optic lets your firearm continue to have a small footprint for easy storage and maneuverability.


Optimized for the AR-15

The TRS-25 with the HiRise mount will fit nicely into several applications, such as on a tactical shotgun or on other carbines & rifles. However this sight is really at home on an AR-15. The HiRise sight mount was specifically designed to allow for optimal integration with the AR-15. The HiRise, when mounted on a flat top AR-15 upper receiver, will allow for co-witness with iron sights and will not require a significant shift in your cheek weld position from your normal, iron sights.


HiRise Mount

The HiRise mounting system is included with this package and is a great value. The mount is designed to attach to picatinny railing, which allow the mount to be extremely versatile. Due to the picatinny rail compatibility, this sight can be attached to a multitude of different platforms. The mount can be easily attached and removed via a screw on the side of the mount. Additionally, should you need the TRS-25 to mount in a lower position, the HiRise mount can be taken off of the TRS-25 to allow for a low profile mounting option. When you combine the HiRise mount with the integrated low profile mount integrated in to the Bushnell TRS, you are able to mount this red dot sight on a large variety of applications.



The Bushnell Red dot sight is able to adapt to many different applications. For instance, the intensity of the red dot reticle can be set to any of the 11 available brightness setting. This large variety of brightness setting allows you to set up your red dot exactly how you want it to look based on your environmental lighting conditions and the target.



The TRS-25 is powered by a single CR2032 battery. These batteries are available in most electronics departments are are relatively inexpensive. The battery powers a diode that illuminates the reticle, giving you a 3 MOA dot for an aiming reference. The battery is placed in a sealed compartment, protecting it from debris, water and impact.


Easy to Use

The Bushnell TRS-25 red dot was designed to be as friendly as possible to the use. With its compact size and light weight, it is extremely streamlined and does not add a significant amount of weight to your rifle. The red dot sight is easy to tracking when your shoulder your rifle or recover between sights. The brightness of the reticle can be adjusted to ensure that the red dot stands out from the background and is easy to find. The TRS-25 can be easily shot with both eyes open. Shooting with both eyes open decreases shooter fatigue and allows the shooter to maintain better situational awareness by allowing the shooter to see more. Due to the 1x magnification, the sight has unlimited eye relief. With this flexibility, you can mount the red dot as far forward or to the rear as you would like. This allows you to make the red dot conform to your preferences instead of the other way around.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does the Bushnell HiRise Mount give you a full or lower 1/3 co-witness?

The HiRise mount will give you a lower 1/3 co-witness when mounted to a standard AR-15 flat top upper receiver.


Is the included mount quick-release?

No, the HiRise mounted must be attached and removed with a wrench.



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