Century Arms AK Trigger RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group (OT1727)

Century Arms AK Trigger RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group (OT1727)


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Features of the Century Arms RAK-1 AK Trigger

Single Stage Trigger Pull

Machined Bearing Surfaces

Includes Hammer, Trigger & Disconnector

Includes the Hammer Spring, Disconnector Spring & a Trigger Sleeve for Easy Installation

Counts As Three 922r Compliant Parts

American Made


Overview of the Century Arms AK-47/74 Trigger Group

The Century Arms RAK-1 AK Trigger is the best value you will find for an AK trigger.  It comes in at a low sale price and gives you a very smooth and consistent single stage trigger pull.  Many users claim that it feels better than the Tapco G2 trigger.  There are several areas where the RAK-1 trigger sets itself apart from other.  The designers and engineers at Century Arms have modified a few key components, which results in an excellent trigger experience.


Not Just Another AK Trigger

The developers at Century Arms wanted to provides users with something more than just another AK trigger.  The engineers have integrated several upgrades into the design of this trigger that results in greater performance.  For instance, the bearing surfaces of the trigger are milled to a smooth finish.  This makes for a very smooth trigger pull that avoids the grittiness associated with most stock AK triggers.  Another area of focus was the hammer.  The hammer has been re-profiled to a more domed shape.  By having this new profile, this mitigates the possibility of bolt hang up that is associated with other AK triggers.  Also, this domed surface decreases the bear surface when the bolt carrier rolls over the hammer.  The results is a very smooth cycling action without the need to polish the surfaces. 


Another area of improvement an innovation is the disconnector.  The disconnector has been tweak to eliminate trigger slap as well as “folding” of the bearing surface, which can be seen on other trigger groups with a high round count on them.



This trigger pack is designed to fit in a wide variety of AK style rifles.  The trigger utilized a double hook design.  However, it was designed with a relief cut that allows the trigger to also be used in receivers that are compatible with single hook triggers.  The RAK-1 trigger will fit in Century Arms WASR rifles, as well as the C39, RAS47, AK63D, as well as many other AK rifle and pistol variants in a variety of calibers.


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