CMC AR-15 Single-Stage 3.5-Pound Match Grade Trigger (91501)

CMC AR-15 Single-Stage 3.5-Pound Match Grade Trigger (91501)

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Chip McCormick is known for making some of the best AR-15 triggers around.  These CMC triggers come in a pre-assembled, self- contained unit.  This makes the trigger extremely easy to install correctly.


The installation of this trigger is extremely simple and only takes minutes.  You need only remove your current trigger group, pop this new unit in, and then insert the (included) trigger pins.   There are no screws to adjust or install, so there is no worries about anything coming loose.  This trigger is designed to be installed in a standard mil-spec AR-15 lower receiver.


Some AR-15 trigger manufacturers use reduced power springs to produce a lower pull weight.  While this may produce a nice trigger pull it can also result in a higher rate of light primer strikes, causing a stoppage in your AR-15.  The CMC trigger us full-strength rocket wire springs.  This means that the hammer hits the firing pin with full force, allowing for greater reliability in igniting the primer.  There is also another benefit to having full-power springs, reduced lock time.  Lock time is the time that it takes from when the trigger sear is release until the hammer hits the firing pin.  In order to produce the most accurate rifle, many precision shooters aim to reduce the lock time, so that there is minimal disturbance possible between pulling the trigger and having the projectile leave the barrel. 


The CMC trigger factory utilized very advanced machinery that is capable of extreme precision.  CMC sets their tolerance for all engagement surfaces at a mere +/- .001”.  This means that you are getting top quality parts that are very consistent across the board.


The raw materials used in the construction of this trigger are top notch.  The hammer, trigger, disconnector, and pins are made from the longest wearing, highest grade and hardest materials available.  The trigger unit is held in a 410 stainless steel housing, which provides excellent protection and great corrosion resistance. 


CMC triggers are not recommended for us in AR-15’s chambered in the Russian 5.45x39mm cartridge.

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