CMC Triggers AR-15 Single-Stage Flat-Faced 3.5-Pound Trigger (91503)

CMC Triggers AR-15 Single-Stage Flat-Faced 3.5-Pound Trigger (91503)

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About CMC Triggers

CMC Trigger is dedicated to producing some of the finest AR-15 triggers on the planet.  These trigger are easy to install and result in a pleasurable shooting experience.  CMC has recently been completely re-tooled.  They have done this in order to maximize production and to be able to design new enhancements to their trigger and bring you a lower, more competitive price while doing so. 


Consistent performance

Several other companies use reduces power hammer springs in order to produce a decrease in trigger pull weight.  CMC Triggers insists on using full strength rocket wire springs for all of their trigger and reducing trigger pull weight by other means.  Decreased power hammer springs can result in inconsistent primer ignition, as the hammer may not have enough force to activate the primer.  However, this is not a concern for CMC AR-15 triggers.  With their full strength hammer springs, they will reliably hit primers with enough force



CMC Triggers has been in the business of making AR-15 trigger for a long time.  In this time, they have learned a thing or two about making triggers.  With their new, advanced machinery, CMC trigger is able to hold the tolerances to +/- 0.001” for all bearing surfaces. 


CMC Triggers wants to ensure that you are able to use their triggers for a lifetime.  This is why they use the highest grade, hardest and longest lasting materials to make your hammer, trigger, disconnector and springs. 


Factory Tuned

CMC tunes their trigger in the factory.  This results in an excellent trigger pull with minimizes pre-travel and over-travel, making for very efficient trigger mechanics.   


Easy Installation

The CMC AR-15 trigger group comes in a nice, pre-assembled, self-contained package.  This makes for the easiest possible installation process.  To install the trigger, you just need to remove your old trigger.  Then you can simply inert the CMC trigger pack into your lower receiver.  Next, just install the supplied pins.  Check for function and your installation is complete. It’s that simple. 



Not recommended for 5.45x39mm AR rifles.

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