CMMG Bravo AR-15 22LR Conversion Kit w/ 3 Magazines 25-Round (22BA651)

CMMG Bravo AR-15 22LR Conversion Kit w/ 3 Magazines 25-Round (22BA651)


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CMMG is known for making the best AR-15 22LR conversion on the market. This 22 conversion is primarily made from stainless steel and is built to last. Best of all, this package comes complete with three 25-round 22LR magazines.


The CMMG conversion kit is super quick and easy to install. To convert your AR-15 to shoot 22LR, all you need to do is remove your bolt carrier group and magazine. You then simply need to insert the conversion kit, as you would a typical BCG and then use the 22LR magazines. It’s as simple as that.


This conversion kit will work with any .223/5.56x45mm AR-15 upper receiver. The kit is designed to be compatible with a standard AR-15 trigger group and hammer.


There are count ways in which this AR-15 22 conversion can be useful. One of the most obvious ways is that it can save you a bunch of money. 22LR is significantly less expensive than .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm ammunition. Due to this alteration in price, you can shoot more round of 22LR to practice or train with and still same some money.


Another way in which this 22 conversion might be useful is with newer or shooters with a smaller stature. Shooting a full power .223/5.56mm rifle can be rather loud and intimidating for some shooters. This 22 conversion allows you to shoot the more of the tame rimfire round.


In addition to several other benefits of the 22LR, it is just some good ole fun. Shooting 22LR is a blast (pun intended). There is next to no recoil or muzzle blast, it is inexpensive, and there is just something about it that just puts a smile on your face.


The best part of this whole experience is that once you are done shooting 22LR, you can quickly convert your AR-15 back to shooting .223/5.56mm.

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