CMMG 22LR Bravo Conversion Kit for AR-15 w/ 25-Round Magazine (22BA6E1)

CMMG 22LR Bravo Conversion Kit for AR-15 w/ 25-Round Magazine (22BA6E1)


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If you love your AR-15 and like to put a lot of round through it, this AR-15 22LR conversion kit from CMMG is just the thing for you. This stainless steel conversion kit allows you to quickly and easily transform your .223/5.56x45mm rifle into a 22 Long Rifle plinker.


Shoot 22 and Save Some Money!

So, why would you want to turn your .223/5.56x45mm AR-15 into a 22 LR plinker. There are several advantages that 22LR can have over the .223/5.56 intermediate rifle cartridge. Problem the most obvious reason, and the reason why you are most interested in buying this conversion kit is because 22LR is a lot cheaper to shoot than .223 Remington ammo. With 22 being cheaper to shoot than .223/5.56mm, you will able shoot more ammo and save a bunch of money.


Better than Buying a Dedicated 22 Rifle

Another reason why you might be interested in this conversion kit is because it is less of a hassle than buying a dedicated .22LR AR-15 type rifle. With the cheap price of this conversion kit it is less expensive than any full AR-15 style 22 rifle on the market today. In addition to the lower price, since this kit does not constitute fully functional firearm, you do not have to have it transferred through a FFL dealer and will out a 4473 and pay an additional transfer fee. This conversion kit can be shipped directly to your house with no extra fuss needed.


Direct Training Carryover

The next advantage of the CMMG 22LR Conversion kit is that makes for an excellent training aid. The 22LR conversion allows you to use your main AR-15. All you have to do is swap out the BCG, as well as the magazine and you are in business. Since you can use this conversion kit on your main AR-15 rifle, you get to leave you optic, handguard, grip and any other accessories in place. This is very advantageous when compared to buying a dedicated 22 LR AR-15 rifle. If you were to buy a dedicated 22 instead of this kit, the feel of the rifles would be very different, as they would likely not be setup the same way. With this 22 LR conversion kit, you an keep your stock, grip, trigger, handguard, and everything else in place. This helps you to get better accustom to your main gear and not have to swap between different rifle setups. This will also save you more money, as you will not have to spend additional funds setting up to dedicated 22 rifle like your main rifle. The conversion kit just makes life a lot easier!


Great for New Shooters

Anther great advantage of the 22 LR conversion kit, is that it can be great for new or inexperienced shooters. 22LR is a lot less intimidating and less difficult to shoot than a full powered .223/5.56x45mm. This can make your AR-15 much more inviting and manageable to shoot for a new or smaller statured shooter.


Form & Function

The CMMG Bravo kit is mainly composed of stainless steel and brass. The main unit replaces your bolt carrier group. The unit as a component that essentially replicated the casing of a .223/5.56 cartridge. The mock casing acts as a short barrel to transition the 22LR projectile to the barrel of your AR-15. The action of the 22 conversion functions via a straight blowback operation. The gas tube, as well as the buffer ans buffer spring are not needed or used during firing cycle with the 22 conversion.


Impact Shift

One of the very useful aspects of this 22 conversion is that you can simply install it into your primary AR-15 and go to town. This, of course, means that you can keep your primary optic in place and use that to shoot with your 22 conversion. However, one point of concern with potential customers is how much of a difference will there be between where your .223 round impact and where your 22LR rounds will impact. There are plenty of variables that can lead to different outcomes with regard to this impact shift. However, one reviewer found that they experienced an impact shift of less than 3 inches at 50 yards. For most individuals, unless you plan on doing extremely precise shooting, would find this amount of impact shift acceptable. However, do please keep in mind that your results may vary.


Conversion Process

Installing this conversion kit and changing your AR-15 from shooting .223/5.56mm to shooting 22LR is extremely quick and easy. The conversion does not require any permanent modification to your AR-15 rifle. Additionally, all of the normal operating controls (trigger, safety selector, magazine catch) will continue to function, as they would with your non converted rifle, with the exception of the bolt catch and forward assist. The conversion process only requires that you remove your standard bolt carrier ground and replace it with the conversion kit unit. You will also need to use the included 22LR magazine and you will be up and running. This process can easily take less than a minute and is extremely simple to do, even in the field or at the range.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is included with the CMMG 22 Conversion kit?

This kit includes the conversion unit, as well as a 25 round .22LR magazine.


Will this work in my AR-15?

This it is designed to be installed in a standard AR-15 with a standard “mil-spec” trigger. Compatibility with gas piston operated AR-15 rifles is not known, although some users has stated that it fit their gas piston AR-15, but this does not mean that it will necessarily fit your gas piston AR-15. In addition to this, the unit was designed to be used in conjunction with a standard AR-15 trigger. Compatibility with alternative trigger is not known.


Do I need to use a specific ammo with this conversion kit?

CMMG recommends that users stick with 22LR ammo that is rated to at least 1250 feet per second velocity.   

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