CMMG Lower Parts Kit for AR-15 (55CA6C5)

CMMG Lower Parts Kit for AR-15 (55CA6C5)


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Combine with AR-15 Lower Parts kit with a butt stock kit and you will have All the parts you need to complete your AR-15 lower receiver build.  All of the parts supplied with this kit meet or exceed mil-spec.


A Quality AR-15 LPK

CMMG is a long time member of the AR-15 community and is well known in the industry to supply some of the highest quality components on the part at a low price point.  This AR-15 LPK is manufactured by true craftsmen that are intent on making the best product available.



This kit includes all of the standard components found in a typical AR-15 lower receiver parts kit.  The kit includes all of the following components


  • Pistol Grip
  • Pistol Grip Lock Washer
  • Pistol Grip Screw
  • Buffer Retainer
  • Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Disconnector
  • Disconnector Spring
  • Hammer
  • Hammer Pin
  • Hammer Spring
  • Bolt Catch
  • Bolt Catch Plunger
  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • Trigger
  • Trigger Guard
  • Trigger Guard Roll Pin
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Catch Button
  • Magazine Catch Spring
  • Pivot Pin
  • Pivot Pin Detent
  • Pivot Pin Detent Spring
  • Selector
  • Selector Detent
  • Selector Detent Spring
  • Takedown Pin
  • Takedown Pin Detent
  • Takedown Pin Detent Spring


AR-15 lower receivers can be difficult to assemble.  So, be sure to follow a standard set of instructions.  Also, it may be beneficial to purchase an AR-15 spare parts kit, in the case you accidentally lose any of the little springs during assembly.

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