Command Arms Sniper Stock for AR-15 w/ Stability Pod (SRS)

Command Arms Sniper Stock for AR-15 w/ Stability Pod (SRS)

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Primary Features of the CAA Sniper Stock

Integrated QD Sling Sockets

Included Monopod Leg

Adjustable Rubber Butt Pad

Adjustable Cheek Piece

Compatible with AR-15/SR25

Adjustable Length of Pull

Fine & Coarse Adjustable Monopod Leg


Overview of the CAA Sniper Stock

The CAA Sniper Stock is a purpose built AR-15 stock system that is designed to be used on precision oriented rifle.  The stock was originally designed in conjunction with input and cooperation from the special forces units of the Israel Defense Forces.  The stock has a multitude of available adjustments.  These adjustments allow the shooter to get into a comfortable and repeatable position to allow for the improved consistency, which equates to accuracy down range.


Rear Monopod

One of the most notable components of the CAA SRS Stock is the rear mounted leg.  This monopod gives you another point of contact with the ground, giving you an incredibly stable shooting platform.  The leg can be locked into 3 different positions base on your shooting position and for easier storage.  The leg can be lock in a 0, 45 and 90 degrees.  The rear leg can be adjusted up and down to alter your point of aim.  The leg has coarse, fine and micro adjustments.  The coarse and fine adjustments can be made with a push button.  The micro adjustments can be made with a knurled ring to allow you to precisely dial into your target. 


Length of Pull

The SRS precision stock has an adjustable length of pull.  The length of pull can be set to any of the 10 available positions.  Adjustments can be made with an easy push-button interface.


Cheek Piece

The CAA sniper stock has a two-way adjustable cheek piece.  A knurled ring can be used to adjust the cheek piece up and down. This allows you to get a comfortable cheek weld that will match up precisely with your optic to minimize potential parallax issues.  Additionally, the cheek piece can be set to any of the 13 available forward and aft setting.  These forward and rear adjustments allow you to properly set up your stock to give you the proper eye relief to your scope.


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