Crimson Trace LaserGuard Glock 42/43 (LG-443)

Crimson Trace LaserGuard Glock 42/43 (LG-443)

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The Glock 42 & 43 are excellent hand guns that are meant for the concealed carry market.  However, they do have a limitation that could potentially be disastrous.  Glock pistol tend to come with plastic sights that have white markings on them.  These factory sights have be very difficult, or even next to impossible to utilize in a low sight situation.  This is where a Crimson Trace laser can come in.  In a low light or no light scenario, there is no comparison between the factory Glock plastic sights and the crimson trace laser.  Laser are far faster, simpler and more accuracy in low light situations.  Criminals tend to lurk in the shadows.  Be prepared to fight in the dark, get a Crimson Trace laser for your Glock 42/43.


This Crimson Trace LaserGuard is designed to install on the trigger guard of your Glock 42 or 43.  By installing on the trigger guard, the laser unit is extremely sleek and barely noticed, until you need it.  The LaserGuard has an activation switch located in an extremely intuitive location.  The activation button lies high on the front strap so that it is activated by simply gripping the pistol with a normal firing grip.  This means that you do not have to go through any additional training to ensure consistent activation of the laser.  When you grip your pistol, the laser will be there.


One 1/3N lithium batter or two 357 silver oxide batteries power the laser unit.  These batteries will provide you with over four hours of laser time.  The housing unit is made from an impact resistant polymer that will protect the internals and ensure that you laser will function.  The laser is elevation and windage adjustable, allowing you ro precisely sight in your loads.


This laser unit has a three year full warranty offered by Crimson Trace.  For warranty information, please CLICK HERE.

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