CZ Scorpion EVO 30-Round 9mm Polymer Magazine (11350)

CZ Scorpion EVO 30-Round 9mm Polymer Magazine (11350)


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30-Round Capacity

9mm Parabellum

Translucent polymer construction

Compatible with CZ Scorpion EVO 9mm


The CZ Scorpion EVO is a new pistol/sub-gun on the market.  The pistol of blowback operated and chambered in 9mm.  The barrel is 7.75” in length. 


The Scorpion EVO ships with a standard 20-round magazine.  This CZ 30-round mag adds some additional capacity so that you can shoot more and reload less.


The translucent polymer body of this magazine allows you to keep track of the amount of ammunition remaining in your Scorpion.  Also, this allows you to easily visually inspect the interior of the magazine for any foreign debris that may cause a malfunction.


The magazine uses a heavy-duty spring to ensure consistent, reliable feeding.


The polymer construction of this magazine has several benefits.  One of the most obvious benefits of the polymer mag body is that it is translucent.  Obviously this would not be possible with a metal magazine.  Also, the polymer used for this magazine is extremely lightweight while remaining very durable.  The polymer used is impact resistant and has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it will give you a long service life. 


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