Daniel Defense AR-15 Carbine Stock Mil-Spec Diameter Mil-Spec+ Brown 21-091-04179-011

Daniel Defense AR-15 Carbine Stock Mil-Spec Diameter Mil-Spec+ Brown 21-091-04179-011

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Daniel Defense start out as a small company, primarily producing AR-15 Picatinny rail systems.  However, due to their drive and determination, they quickly expanded their product line and now offer a plethora of AR-15 parts and accessories.


One of these AR-15 part is the Daniel Defense Carbine Stock for the AR-15.  This stock isn’t just another stock on the market.  Daniel Defense has engineered this stock to be among the best available on the market with several unique and beneficial features.


The stock is primarily formed from a proprietary blend of glass infused polymers.  While this material provides excellent strength while also being lightweight and low priced, it isn’t always the most comfortable.  This is why Daniel Defense set them apart for the rest and added soft touch rubber over-molding on strategic interfacing parts on the stock.  This rubber over-molding gives the stock some extra traction on your cheek and shoulder as well as provides some padding for enhanced comfort.


Some AR-15 stocks are plagued with stock rattle or stock wobble.  This is due to a loose fit between the stock and the buffer tube.  Daniel Defense has alleviated this issue by precision forming the stock to precisely fit the mil-spec receiver extension.  What this means to you, as a shooter, is that you get a very snug fitting stock that will have very little “play” between the stock and the buffer tube.  This gives your rifle a much more sturdy feel.


The stock includes two different butt pads.  And, the stock can be run with either one of these pads, or with no pad at all.  The two pads are different in that one has a convex shape, while the order is concave.  Defense on user preference and potentially what gear the operators is using, you can set up your stock to be the most advantageous for your situation. 


For easy sling integration, the Daniel Defense stock also has some options.  Limited rotation QD sling swivel sockets are available on both sides of the stock.  This allows this stock to be equally suited for a left or right-handed shooter.



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