Daniel Defense A1.5 Picatinny Fixed Rear Sight Black (19-064-11002)

Daniel Defense A1.5 Picatinny Fixed Rear Sight Black (19-064-11002)

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The Daniel Defense A1.5 fixed rear sight is a bomb proof setup for those looking for a solid rear iron sight.  This sight is lightweight, made to high standards and gives you the rock solid reliability of an iron sight.


Old School

In a world that is dominated by red dot reflex sights, iron sights are often forgotten or left in the background.  However, there are several instances where an iron sight can be more valuable than even the most high-tech of modern red dot sights.  One of the most obvious benefits of an iron sight is that they are not reliant on batteries.  Additionally, it is relatively easy for the lens of an optic to become obscured and unusable due to mud, snow or moisture blocking your viewpoint.


Premium Materials

The Daniel Defense A.15 rear sight was made to be as reliable as possible.  The sight is primarily constructed from lightweight and durable 6061-T6 aluminum.  This is an aircraft grade aluminum that is known for its high strength to weight ratio.  By using this material, Daniel Defense was able to keep the weigh of this sight down to just 1.7 ounces.  To give this sights its black color, and to help increase the resistance to wear and corrosion, the sight has been anodized with a military specification type 3 hard coat. 


Rock Solid Mount

The A1.5 sight has an integrated Picatinny mount built into the base of the sight.  The sight is able to be easily installed on any mil-spec flat top receiver.  The sight is at a standard height for an AR-15 flat top upper and is compatible with any standard AR-15/M16 height sight.  The sight is secured to your upper by utilizing the slotted fastener.  The mounting screw will provide reliable tension to ensure that your sight maintains proper zero.  The screw threads into a self-locking steel thread insert to ensure that it does not work its way loose under recoil.


Sight Picture

The Daniel Defense fixed rear sight is a combination between an A1 and A2 rear sight, hence the A1.5 designation.  This sight gives you an A1 windage adjustment knob.  The aperture used in this sight is of the standard A2 design.  

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