Diamondhead Front/Rear Integrated Sighting System (I.S.S.) w/ NiteBrite Insert (1499)

Diamondhead Front/Rear Integrated Sighting System (I.S.S.) w/ NiteBrite Insert (1499)

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Includes front & Rear sight

Mounts to 1913 Picatinny rails

Photo-luminescent Inserts for Low light Shooting

Spring loaded flip-up sights


These polymer back-up iron sights (BUIS) from Diamondhead USA are primarily designed for use on the AR-15 and other modern sporting rifles.  The front and rear sights utilize the Diamondhead diamond shaped apertures and upper housing.  This makes for a non-traditional sight picture that some users prefer to a more traditional sight picture.


One of the most innovative features on these Diamondhead sights is their NiteBrite sights.  These sights are designed to be capable of being used in low light situations.  The NiteBrite technology uses photo luminescent inserts that provide a glowing aiming reference in low light.  These glowing inserts are an excellent low cost alternative to tritium night sights, which can have a dramatically increased price.  The NiteBrite inserts can be charged by natural sunlight of by a flashlight and will provide you with a glow for as long as they are charged. 


These BUIS literally spring up into action at the press of a button.  The sights are spring loaded and are quickly deployed by pressing the locking release tab.  Once in the erect position, the sights will maintain their position due to positive locking detents.  When not in use, these sights can be folded to stow away neatly.  

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