Diamondhead VRS-T 13.5″ AR-15 Modular Railed Hand Guard (2231)

Diamondhead VRS-T 13.5″ AR-15 Modular Railed Hand Guard (2231)


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The engineers at Diamondhead USA set out to design an AR-15 hand guard that would stand out amongst the rest.  The 13.5” VRS T-556 hand guard gives you the ability to free float your barrel.  In addition to this, the hand guard boasts a full length Picatinny rail at the 12-o’clock position.  This top rail maintains alignment with your flat top upper receiver and allows you greater flexibility when mounting your optic of choice. 


This AR-15 rail systems uses and comes with it’s own proprietary barrel nut.  This barrel nut replaces the original, factory supplied barrel nut that comes with your rifle.  This replacement part allows for easier installation and eliminates the need time your barrel nut to allow the gas tube to go through.  Simple torque it to the proper amount and that is it.


This hand guard is designed to be used on AR-15’s with low profile gas blocks.  Due to the extended length of this handguard, it will interfere with any A-frame front sight/gas block combination.  However, since this hand guard has a Picatinny rail all along the top, you can easily mount a Back-Up Iron Sight (BUIS) to the rail and maintain that capability. 


The hand guard sports a unique triangular profile.  This profile is extremely comfortable and feels very natural.


The Diamondhead hand guard has several ventilation holes cut in it.  These holes allow air to flow freely around your barrel, which will help to cool it down during strings of rapid fire.  In addition to this, these holes also decrease the weight of the hand guard avoiding the nose-heavy feeling that quad rails were known to produce. 


This Diamonhead AR-15 rail is modular.  You have the ability to mount sections of Picatinny rail to the available mounting slots.  This allows you to put your Picatinny accessories where you need there and avoid the added bulk and weight of having a full Picatinny quad rail. 


Mounting this hand guard will require the removal of the factory barrel nut, as well as the delta ring.  Also, you will need to have an AR-15 with a low profile gas block.   Please note that some heavy barrels may prevent the proprietary barrel nut from being properly installed.  For technical assistance, please contact Diamondhead USA

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