FailZero Black BCG M16/M4 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group No Hammer (FZ-M16/4-01-NH-BLACK)

FailZero Black BCG M16/M4 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group No Hammer (FZ-M16/4-01-NH-BLACK)


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FailZero is well known in the AR-15 community for bring to market their excellent line of bolt carrier groups.  They have perfected the integration of their EXO Nickel Boron coating into their line of BCG’s as well as other components.  However, they have now branched out and started to offer much more!


Black Coating

The bolt carrier group from FailZero features a black exterior coating on the majority of the BCG.  This black coating has non-reflective properties with is meant to provide the user with a tactical advantage.  This black coating is much less likely to reflect back light.  This can be a valuable feature for those looking for the edge in any tactical operation.


EXO Nickel Boron

This carrier has been fully coated with the FailZero EXO Nickel Boron coating beneath the black topcoat.  In high wear areas, the black top coat may wear, thereby exposing the nickel boron underneath it.  The non-contact/wear areas will remain black, as the black topcoat will remain intact.

There are several advantages in choose to run a FailZero BCG. The NiB coating gives you extreme resistance to both corrosion and wear.  Additionally, the EXO coating gives you permanent dry lubricity as well as extreme durability.  This coating will also reduce friction which can lead to increased performance, as well as a possible increase in reliability.



This bolt carrier group is come to your ready to use.  This bolt carrier group is a drop in replacement for most mil-spec M16 / M4 / AR-15 upper receivers.  The included bolt is compatible with .223 Remington, 5.56x45mm, and .300 AAC Blackout ammunition.


Full-Auto Profile BCG

This package include one FailZero Complete Bolt Carrier Group.  The FailZero BCG has an M16/M4 full auto profile. This component is legal to own in all 50 states and does NOT convert your firearm to fire in a fully automatic mode.  The full-auto profile of the BCG indicates that this bolt carrier has slightly more mass than the standard AR-15 bolt carrier group.  So user feel that the extra mass of a full auto BCG can increase reliability.  The thought is that the increased mass gives the BCG more momentum to power through carbon fouling, dirt and other debris that may be found in a dirty receiver. 


Included Components

The FailZero Bolt Carrier package includes one complete bolt carrier group.  The following components have been nickel boron treated…

Bolt Carrier



Cam Pin

Firing Pin

Carrier Key

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