FN SCAR 17 Magazine FDE .308/7.62 20-Rounds (98890)

FN SCAR 17 Magazine FDE .308/7.62 20-Rounds (98890)

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The FNH SCAR 17 is a fantastic battle rifle chambered in .308/7.62x51mm.  The rifle is battle proven and as reliable as anything.  One of the ways to best kept this rifle running is to feed it with factory original magazine, such as these magazines made by FNH.


These magazines are factory originals, made by the same company that produced your rifle.  These mags are top quality and are subject to the same rigorous testing and inspection as your rifle.   They are simply the best possible magazines you can use for your SCAR Heavy.


This magazine is optimized for the .308/7.62x51mm cartridge.  The magazine will hold 20-rounds securely.  For ultimate durability, that magazine body is made from steel.  This steel bodied magazine will be able to put up with hard use and will give you a long service life.  These magazine have been color in a flat dark earth coloration by FN to give a continuation of color from your rifle. 


To ensure smooth feeding and to help increase reliability, FN has chosen to use a polymer follower.  This follower has low friction when riding along the wall of the steel magazine, ensuring firm and consistent pressure is placed against the rounds in the magazine.

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