Fortis Hammer Charging Handle for AR-15 (556-HAMMER-BT)

Fortis Hammer Charging Handle for AR-15 (556-HAMMER-BT)

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Main Features of the Fortis Hammer

Compatible With AR-15

Machined From 7075 Aluminum

Robust Design

Easy to Grab

Designed to Take Stress off Roll Pin



The Fortis Hammer is made from aluminum that has been finished in with a black nickel Teflon coating.  This coating is dark, but is not as dark as an anodized lack finish.  The color is closer to a darker gunmetal gray and not quite a true black color.


Made From Quality Materials

The Fortis charging handle starts out life as a solid piece of 7075-T6 Aluminum billet.  7075 Aluminum is an extremely strong and durable material that is superior than the 6061 aluminum used by some other competitors. The aluminum billet is machined down to the Fortis hammer Charging handle.


In addition to using a high grade aluminum, Fortis chose to further protect the aluminum by using an advanced finishing process.  The aluminum is finished with a Nickelene finish.  This finish has an extremely high hardness rating of 45C and also has other benefits.  The Nickelene finish decreases the coefficient of friction and has excellent lubricity characteristics.



When designing the hammer charging handle, Fortis did so with the intention of making a superior product.  The Fortis charging handle has deep cut serrations all along the charging handle latch.  This allows for quick and easy manipulation of the charging handle, whether you use one side or both.  The hammer has an enlarged release latch for easy usage.  In order to take pressure off the roll pin and prevent possible failure, Fortis resigned the back stop for the latch.  This takes stress off the pin, thereby increasing the service life of the charging handle.

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