Fortis RED Muzzle Brake .223/5.56mm Rapid Engagement Device Black Nitride (F-RED)

Fortis RED Muzzle Brake .223/5.56mm Rapid Engagement Device Black Nitride (F-RED)

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The Fortis RED, Also Known As The Rapid Engagement Device, is a Very Effective Muzzle Brake That is Designed to Allow you To Feel Less Recoil & Muzzle Rise to Better Enable You To Stay On Target.


Rigorously Tested

Fortis Manufacturing is well known for producing effective, durable and innovative products, such as their Switch Series of AR-15 rails.  They have earned a reputation for producing some of the best products in the industry.  With this in mind, when they decided to develop a muzzle brake, they knew that they had to get it right the first time.  During the development of this muzzle brake, they knew that the RED had to be effective and look good at the same time.  During various stages of development, the RED was evaluated by various member of the law enforcement and military community.  Fortis also got input from various 3-gun competitors as well.  Taking all of this feedback into consideration, Fortis Manufacturing came up with the final version of the RED brake, which has been rigorously tested and is sure to impress.


Efficient Design

The RED muzzle device from Fortis has an extremely efficient design.  The most obvious feature about this muzzle brake is the three large ports on either side of the brake.  These ports help to deflect the escaping muzzle gases to the side, thereby decreasing felt recoil to the shooter.  Additionally, at the top section of the brake, there are also more ports milled into the RED muzzle Brake. These top facing vents use muzzle gases to help provide downward pressure to counteract muzzle flip.  The result is an extremely efficient muzzle compensator that will help you keep your muzzle flat and shots on target.


Made to Last

The Fortis RED is machined from a tough a durable 4140 steel.  The steel is nitride coated for enhanced durability and to give it the deep black color. 



The RED brake was primarily designed for rifle chambered in .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm.  The brake is threaded for 1/2×28 TPI.  This is the most common thread pitch you will find on AR-15 barrels.  The brake is modest in size, being approximately, 2.2” in length and weighing in at roughly 2.4 ounces.

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