Fortis Switch 308 15″ QD KeyMod Rail System DPMS High Profile (SWITCH308-15)

Fortis Switch 308 15″ QD KeyMod Rail System DPMS High Profile (SWITCH308-15)

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The Fortis Switch Rail Is Designed To Be Compatible With DPMS High Profile Large Frame AR Style Rifle.  This KeyMod Rail System Is Unique In That It Offers You The Capability To Quickly Attach And Remove The Rail With A Smith Throw Of The Lever.  This Allows You To Swap Out Different Rails For Your Mission Requirements.


The Fortis 308 Switch Advantage

When the engineers and designers at Fortis Manufacturing started working on the 308 Switch Rail, their intention was to develop a handguard that offered something more than traditional setups.  They wanted to give their customers a handguard that was easy to install and also gave its users the ability to swap out different sized rails for their mission and competition requirements.  With this goal in mind, Fortis developed a quick disconnect attachment system that allows users to install and remove the rail from the barrel nut without the use of tools.  This is accomplished by utilizing the Switch Lever that is located at the rear portion of the 6 o’clock rail section.



This KeyMod rail system was primarily designed for the DPMS high profile, .308/7.62x51mm Large Frame AR style rifle. For assistance with installation, please check out the installation instructions or contact Fortis Manufacturing


Lightweight & High Strength

Although the Fortis 308 Switch 15” rail has a wide range of features, it is also extremely lightweight.  The 15.75” rail only weighs 12.01 ounces.  One of the reasons this long rail is able to weigh so little is because of the KeyMod accessory mounting system.  The new KeyMod system is a negative space mounting system that, unlike the older Picatinny style mounting platform, removes material to allow accessories to attach.  In addition to the KeyMod Mounting slots, Fortis has also integrated several lightening cut between the KeyMod rail sections.  This results in a very light weight rail system.


Another way that the engineers ensured the durability of this rail is by using a high strength aluminum alloy.  This handguard is precision machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.  This aluminum is aircraft grade and commonly used in the aerospace industry due to it’s light weight and high strength.  The locking handle on the under side of the handguard is machined from an even tougher 7075-T6 aluminum for ensured function.  The aluminum is anodized in a mil-spec hard coat.  This gives the rail it’s black color and also assists the rail with greater corrosion and wear resistance.


Packed with Features

The Fortis Switch 308 has a long list of features.  Of course, the standout feature for this handguard is its ability to be quickly mounted and detached from the barrel nut without the use of tools.  However, the rail offer you much more than this


The rail system is based on the newer KeyMod accessory mounting system.  The KeyMod slots allow you a wide range of options of where to mount your KeyMod compatible accessories.  The key slots also help to reduce the weight of the handguard. 


The top of the rail features a full-length Picatinny rail section.  This gives you a the perfect platform to mount back-up iron sights, optics, or any other Picatinny compatible accessory.


This package comes with a proprietary barrel nut.  The barrel nut is made from a very durable 4140 steel that has been heat treated for added strength.  The barrel nut has a thread pattern of 1-7/16×16 TPI. 


For easy sling integration, the Fortis 308 Switch has several integrated sling mounting positions.  The Switch rail has four limited rotation QD sling swivel sockets.  The sockets are located on both the left and right side of the rail, making then equally useful for both left and right handed users.  

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