Geissele Tavor Trigger Pack Super Sabra Gen 2 (05-267)

Geissele Tavor Trigger Pack Super Sabra Gen 2 (05-267)

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The IWI Tavor is an excellent bullpup rifle.  However, it suffers from the dreaded, less than spectacular typical bullpup trigger.  The Super Sabra made by Geissele Automatics was designed to solve that issue by providing you with a high quality, well built and excellent feeling drop-in trigger.


Trigger Feel

The Geissele Tavor trigger gives you a precision two-stage trigger.  This two-stage design allows you to have precise control with a consistent feel while also giving you the ability to have rapid fire shots.  The trigger pull weight was designed to be light enough to allow for precision engagements while also being forgiving enough for fast, up close situations that require rapid trigger manipulation.  The first stage of the Super Sabra trigger is able to be adjusted by the user.  This gives the user the ability to fine tune the first and second stage pull weight distribution to his or her liking.  This adjustment will not compromise the total pull weight of the trigger.  The adjustment can be made very easily.  To adjust the first stage, you only need to turn the hex screw on the bottom of the trigger pack.


Easy Installation

The Super Sabra Trigger pack was designed to be a drop-in upgrade for your IWI Tavor rifle. Installation is simple and will not require a significant period of time, as you can see in the installation instructions. The installation will not require anything more than a punch (if even that) and will be a quick and easy swap.


Built from High Quality Materials

The Geissele trigger pack is set in a 6061-T6 aluminum housing that has been precision CNC machined.  The aluminum has been finished in a hard coat type 3 anodizing.  This finishing hard coat gives the aluminum a durable finish that will last for a long service life and protect the aluminum from corrosion.


The internal working components of the Super Sabra are formed from S7 tool steel.  This steel was chosen due to its resistance to wear and repeated shock forces, making it ideally suited for use in trigger components.  The S7 steel internal components are finished by a nitride process.  This finishing process allows the steel to further resistant to chemical and abrasive wear. 



This is a generation 2 Geissele Super Sabra Trigger pack.  This trigger pack is designed to work in all IWI Tavor rifles.



The Geissele trigger pack is designed to upgrade the performance of your trigger.  The trigger pack comes in a self contained aluminum housing.  The housing contains the hammer, connector, disconnect, as well as the sear.  The trigger pack itself does not replace the bang switch itself, but it replaces all of the behind the scenes components that have a significant impact on the trigger pull characteristics.


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