Geissele S3G Super 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger (Mil-Spec Pin Size) (05-152)

Geissele S3G Super 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger (Mil-Spec Pin Size) (05-152)

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Overview of the Geissele S3G Super 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger

The genesis of the Geissele S3G trigger has it origins in the SSF trigger that Bill Geissele originally developed for the SOCOM.  The Super 3 Gun AR-15 trigger was engineered with the goal of combing the SSF trigger’s match grade, semi-auto performance with a smooth, single stage feel.  This combination should make for a robust trigger that is fast, smooth and ideally suited for 3-Gun matches.

The characteristics of this Geissele trigger were tailored for the 3-gun shooter.  The Geissele S3G has a very short and crisp trigger pull with a fast a tactile reset to allow competitors to send rounds down range as fast as possible.  The short trigger pull and fast reset of the Super 3 Gun Trigger make it a cross between a single stage and 2-stage trigger. 


The Trigger Pull

It takes about 3.5 pounds of for to get the S3G Geissele trigger moving.  It moves very smoothly and a short distance before the sear disengages and the hammer drops.  During the trigger take-up, there is no perceivable second stage, the trigger smoothly rolls back and then simple breaks.  

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