Geissele SD-C Super Dynamic Combat Trigger (05-165)

Geissele SD-C Super Dynamic Combat Trigger (05-165)

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Overview of the Geissele SD-C Super Dynamic Combat Trigger

The Geissele SD-C trigger is a rugged, reliable, non-adjustable combat trigger with additional safety provision to make for high quality trigger for your AR-15.  The flat trigger bow of the Super Dynamic series triggers is patterned after the flat-faced trigger of a 1911 pistol.  The flat-faced trigger allows for additional leverage by allowing the operator to place their finger farther down on the trigger bow.  This increased in leverage leads the perception of a decreased trigger pull weight.  Additional benefits of this trigger bow design are excellent tactile feedback from the trigger and some feel that it gives them increased trigger control.

SD-C Trigger Safety

The Super Dynamic combat trigger from Geissele has an advanced safety feature. This trigger was engineered with a unique sear design that allows for a wide area of overlap, preventing accidental sear slippage. 

The SD-C trigger is ideal suited for combat situations.  This trigger can operate in the hard environments of close quarters battle (CQB) and is equally well suited for duty in a weapon issued to a squad-designated marksman (SDM).


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