Geissele SD-E Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger for AR-15 (05-167)

Geissele SD-E Super Dynamic Enhanced Trigger for AR-15 (05-167)

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Features of the Geissele SD-E Trigger

  • Straight Trigger bow for increased leverage and 1911 like feel
  • 2-Stage Trigger
  • 2.3 pound first stage 
  • 1.2 pound second stage
  • 3.5 pound total pull weight
  • Candy-Cane like trigger break
  • Uses full power hammer string to prevent light hammer strikes
  • Made from EDM wire cut tool steel


Overview of the Geissele SD-E Super Dynamic Enhanced AR-15 Trigger

  • The Geissele SD-E Super Dynamic Enhanced trigger has a flat trigger bow.  This flat trigger show is designed after the flat triggers seen on the 1911.  It has the effect of increasing the shooters leverage on the trigger, thereby reducing the weight needed to pull the trigger.


Trigger Performance

  • The trigger incorporates a 2-stage trigger pull profile.   The 2.3 pound first stage transitions into a 1.2 pound second stage.  The trigger break is very crisp and clean, like snapping a candy cane.  The trigger is non-adjustable meaning that after installation, there is essentially nothing to worry about.


Intended Use

  • Due to the 2-stage nature of this trigger, it lends itself to filling a precision oriented role.  The first stage allows the shooter to take up slack while finalizing sight alignment. Then the linear, predicable transition to the second stage make for a precise trigger pull before the candy cane like trigger break.  This smooth transition from the first stage to the second and then to the trigger brake allows for the shooter to keep their sights on target with minimal disturbance.  This trigger feels right at home in a precision or Squad Designated Marksman’s (SDM) role.
  • Although the trigger is 2-stage, it is still very useable for close-range carbine work.  The overall travel of the trigger is substantially less than a traditional stock AR-15 trigger.  During rapid short-range engagements, the first stage can be quickly worked through to rip through some fast shots.


Materials Used

  • The components for the SD-E trigger are cut from quality tool grade steel.  This high grade steel is cut by a wire-EDM process. This process is particularly advantageous for forming trigger components because it does not leave a directional groove, as can be the case for other forms of cutting.  This makes for an extremely smooth trigger pull with no creep or grittiness.



  • Geissele Automatics have long been praised for their production of high quality triggers.  The Super Dynamic-Enhanced trigger is a another great addition to the Geissele product line and will provide you with an excellent, premium grade trigger that will transform your AR-15.  

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