Geissele SD3G Super Dynamic 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger (05-166)

Geissele SD3G Super Dynamic 3-Gun AR-15 Trigger (05-166)

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Overview of the Geissele SD3G Super Dynamic 3-Gun Trigger

The Geissele SD3G was designed to be the best AR-15 3-Gun Competition Trigger on the market.  The engineers at Geissele started the project with a firm foundation.  This trigger is based on the tried and true SSF trigger that Bill Geissele originally developed for use in the US Military Special Forces Community.


Flat Trigger

The one of the first things you will notice about the Super Dynamic 3-Gun Trigger is that it has a flat trigger bow.  This flat style trigger was patterned after the trigger of the M1911 pistol.  The function of this flat trigger face is to reduce your perceived weight of the trigger pull.  This decrease in perceived recoil is accomplished by improving the leverage the shooter applies to the trigger.  When the shooter places their finger on the lower part of the trigger, he will have an increase the mechanical advantage.  Although it does not change the actual weight required to activate the trigger, the increase in mechanical advantage makes it feel that way.  Additionally, another function of the flat trigger face is that it offers the shooter excellent tactical feedback and trigger control


Single Stage

Since this trigger was designed for fast-paced competition style shooting, Geissele designed it to be a single stage system.  This allows for rapid shots fired in succession with only minimal trigger movement required.  The trigger requires only slightly less than 0.060” of deflection to break the shot.  This shortened trigger movement allows competitors to rip off shots at an amazing pace while maintaining accuracy

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