Geissele SSA Super Semi-Automatic AR-15 Trigger (05-101)

Geissele SSA Super Semi-Automatic AR-15 Trigger (05-101)

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Overview of the Geissele SSA AR-15 Trigger Kit

  • The Geissele SSA trigger is one of Bill Geissele’s first triggers made for the commercial market.  This trigger is a derivative of Geissele’s first military contract trigger, the Super Select-Fire trigger.  The key difference being that the SSF trigger was made for fully automatic M16’s, whereas the Geissele SSA Trigger was made for semi-automatic AR-15’s


Geissele SSA Trigger Performance

  • The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic is a two stage, non-adjustable trigger.  The SSA has a total pull weight of 4.5 pounds.  This is broken down into a first stage of 2.5 pounds, followed by a 2 pouch second stage.
  • The sear disengagement during the trigger pull can be inconsistent in other trigger. However, the Geissele trigger offers the shooter a smooth, and light force that linearly increased at a low rate prior to trigger break.  This allows for the shooter to have a very predictable trigger breaking point, thereby increasing shooter confidence. 
  • The two-stage trigger design is ideal for precise shot placement, as it allows for trigger take up and then a predictable break.  However, when working in close quarters, with less precise shots, the trigger is also very capable.  The slight and relatively short first stage of the trigger pull can be quickly and rapidly worked through if rapid engagements are needed.


Geissele Manufacturing

  • The Geissele SSA trigger components are manufactured out of quality tool steel.  The parts are given their shape via a EDM wire machine.  The advantages of using an EDM wire versus a traditional CNC milling machine are that the EDM wire machine does not give a directional grain to the surface of the metal.  As it relates to the shooter, this gives the trigger a very smooth, even pull without and unexpected hitches or burrs. 


Made to be Reliable

  • Unlike many other aftermarket AR-15 triggers, the Geissele triggers use full strength hammer springs.  By using full strength springs, the Geissele SSA will more reliably ignite primers.  In addition to this, there is another added benefit of the full power hammer spring.  When combined with the reduced mass hammer than Geissele has designed for the SSA trigger, the system works to reduce dwell time.  Dwell time is the time between when the trigger breaks and when the firing pin ignites the hammer.  By decreasing the dwell time, you opportunity for something to disturb your sight alignment after you pulled the trigger is decreased.  

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