Geissele Super SCAR Trigger System (05-157)

Geissele Super SCAR Trigger System (05-157)

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Overview of The Geissele Super SCAR Trigger

The Geissele Super SCAR trigger system is a drop-in replacement trigger designed to be compatible with both the FN SCAR  16 and SCAR 17 standard factory polymer lower receivers.  The trigger drastically improves the trigger pull characteristics leaving you with a much more enjoyable shooting experience.


The Trigger kit comes with all of the necessary components, including installations instructions and springs. 


Trigger Characteristics

This SCAR trigger system produces a trigger pull weight of approximately 4.0 pounds.  This is approximately half of what is reported as the SCAR stock trigger pull weight.  A reduction in trigger pull weight means that you have to input less into the gun to fire.  This can result in an increase in practical accuracy, as you are less likely to negatively influence the position of the rifle when fire.  However, at 4 pounds, the trigger still does take an appropriate amount of force to engage, which helps to prevent a negligent discharge. 


The Super SCAR Trigger has a 2-stage trigger pull design.  The first stage, where you will feel some take up, is approximately 2.5 pounds.  After taking up the slack, the trigger will reach a crisp “wall” indicating he second stage.  The second stage takes an additional 1.5 pounds of force, making for a 4-pound total trigger pull weight.


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