Geissele Super Tricon Trigger for AR-15 05-230

Geissele Super Tricon Trigger for AR-15 05-230

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Primary Features of the Geissele Super Tricon Trigger

  • Compatible with AR-15
  • ~4.5 Pound total Pull weight 
  • 2-Stage design
  • Unique compound trigger powe angle
  • Optimized for use with gloves
  • Serrated trigger face
  • Uses full strenth hamer spring for reliability


Overview of the Geissele Super Tricon Trigger System


Based on a Proven Design

  • The Geissele Super Tricon Trigger  system is based on another excellent trigger design from Geissele Automatics.  The Tricon Trigger is based on the well-known, Super Semi Automatic trigger from Geissele.  Both trigger are designed to be optimal for close range, as well ad midrange carbine shots.  The trigger pull weight is an appropriate 4.5 pounds to prevent accidental discharges and has what is described as a carrot like trigger break to give the operator control over exactly when to break the shot.  The trigger is a two-stage design with a 2 pound first stage and 2.5 pound second stage for a total pull weight of 4.5 pounds.  The two-stage trigger pull design allows the shooter to take up the slack and get prepared for a precision shot.  Also, during short range, rapid engagements, the first stage of the trigger is shot enough to be quickly worked through when your intention is to rip shots off as quickly as possible.


Unique Trigger Shoe

  • The design of the trigger bow used in this trigger is unlike anything that has been seen before.  The top of the trigger has a typical curve to it, however, as you work down the trigger, the trigger shoe tapers off into a straight trigger face.  In addition to this change in profile, the face of the trigger is serrated. The primary design objective that caused this change of the trigger bow what the intention to have a trigger that would work well with gloves.  The serrated trigger face enhances the traction available, provide for a more positive interface with the trigger.  This is vital for shooters that wear gloves, as there can be a disconnect between the shooters finger and where it actually is on the trigger.  The serrations ensure that your finger stays put on the trigger.  Om addition to this, the open ended, flat section of the trigger comfortably accepts a gloved finger.
  • In addition to better accommodating gloves, this unique trigger bow can also alter the characteristics of the trigger pull.  By placing your finger lower on the flat section, you are able to increase the leverage on the trigger, thereby having the effect of decreasing the trigger pull weight.


Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

  • The Geissele Tricon Trigger is cut via an EDM wire machine.. This allows for an extremely precise cut that does not have directionality.  This results in an extremely smooth trigger pull that is devoid of grittiness. 


Reliability With No Compromise

  • Unlike other aftermarket AR-15 trigger, the Geissele Tricon uses full strength hammer springs.  Reduced strength hammer springs are often used by competitors as a simple way to reduce trigger pull weight. However, reduced strength hammer springs can often lead to light primer strikes, leading to an unacceptable number of stoppages.  With the full strength hammer spring used on the Tricon trigger, the reliability is maintained.

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