GEMTECH .300 Blackout Supersonic 147-Grain FMJ (20-Round Box)

GEMTECH .300 Blackout Supersonic 147-Grain FMJ (20-Round Box)


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Specifications of the GemTech 300 Blackout SuperSonic Ammo

147-Grain Arsenal FMJ Projectile

.300 AAC Blackout

0.398 Ballistic Coefficient

CCI Primer


2.26” Overall Length

16” Test Barrel

2000 ft/s

1,306 ft-lb muzzle Energy


Overview of the GEMTECH 300 Blackout SuperSonic Ammo

The 147-Grain .308 FMJ projectile used in this load id brand new and currently being produced by a single manufacturer, Arsenal.  The reason for the development round was to reach a specific market and need.  The main goal when developing the 147-grain projectile was to provide a bullet tat was economical for training purposes, had good general purpose capabilities and also had capability of penetrating through most materials. 


The specially developed projectile is matched with new manufactured GEMTECH headstamped brass that is filled with precisely metered powder.  To ignite the powder charge, GEMTECH sets in a CCI primer, which are known for their excellent reliability.  To ensure that every round meets the high standards at GEMTECH, every single round that leaves the GEMTECH facility is hand inspected for defects to ensure consistent quality.

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