GG&G Accucam 30mm AR-15 Cantilever QD Scope Mount (GGG-1383)

GG&G Accucam 30mm AR-15 Cantilever QD Scope Mount (GGG-1383)


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Building or buying an AR-15 is a very popular thing to do in the United States.  The AR-15 is extremely versatile and capable.  Many AR-15 owners tend to prefer a SPR or Recce type AR-15 set up.  With this type of rifle build, you can straddle the line between a precision oriented rifle, and a CQB capable carbine.  There are several variable powered optics available on the market today that can help you fill this role.  Most high quality optics have a main tube diameter of 30mm.  So, with these criteria in mind, GG&G set out to make a scope mount that would suitably fill this need.


The Scope mount is designed to be used on an AR-15 modern sporting rifle.  The stock has a cantilever arrangement that allows for the scope to be pushed out forward, while the base remains farther to the rear.  This is necessary in an AR-15 due to the receiver set-up.


Many magnified rifle scopes require a certain amount of eye relief to allow you to properly see through the glass without any scope shadow.  However, The AR-15 flat top receivers have only a short Picatinny mounting section available.  Due to this shortened Picatinny scope mounting section, standard scope bases often cause improper eye relief.  However, due to the cantilever design of the GG&G scope mount, the mounting base can remain fully on the flat top receiver while the scope is pushed forward far enough tot give you proper eye relief.


This scope mount is outfitted with GG&G’s Accucam system.  The system allows you to quickly attach and detach your scope.  Best of all, GG&G claims that this system of attachment exhibits excellent repeatability.  GG&G claims that this scope mount with Accucam can be removed or installed with ½ MOA repeatability.


The Accucam Quick Detach scope can be quickly and easily attached and then detached from your rifle.  The Accucam system is easy to utilize and has excellent repeatability.  The cam system has an integrated large finger loop.  This loops gives you leverage so that you can easily throw the lever, even with gloved hands.  Also, the rounded design means that you are less likely to snag your finger or other equipment.


This scope mount was designed to be extremely durable.  It is machined from 4140 steel.  This material is much stronger and more durable than the aluminum mounts available from competitors.

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