Ghost Edge Connector for Glock Trigger Gen 1-4 (2424-V-1)

Ghost Edge Connector for Glock Trigger Gen 1-4 (2424-V-1)

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The Edge Connector From Ghost Is A Drop-In Trigger Upgrade From Gen 1-4 Glock Pistols.  This Connector Does Not Require Fitting And Gives You A Smoother, Lighter Trigger Pull That Is Perfect For Self Defense Or Sporting Applications.



The Ghost Edge Connector was designed to be utilized by various Glock pistols.  The Edge will work for Generation 1, 2, 3, & 4 Glock Pistols.  Due to a variation in their design, the Edge connector is NOT compatible with the new Glock 42 & Glock 43.  However, Ghost does make a dedicated version of the Edge connector for the G42 & G43 if you need it for that application.



Installing the Ghost Edge Trigger upgrade is simple and easy.  The Ghost Edge was designed as a Drop-In trigger upgrade that would not require custom fitting.  This makes the connector faster and easier to install. 



The advantage at the Ghost Edge Trigger Connector gives you it is it results in a better trigger pull on your Glock.  One of the ways in which the Edge connector works is by deceasing the amount of force required to pull the trigger.  This can be extremely useful for those with decrease upper body strength.  Additionally, this can help to maximize accuracy.  By decreasing the amount of input require, you are less likely to disturb your alignment during the firing process, making for a more accurate shot.  Another benefit of the Edge connector is that it decreases the Glock pre-travel “bump”.  This bump indicates when your trigger bar hits the connector. The bump can easily disrupt your firing process and lead to inaccuracy.  The Ghost Edge Connector has solved this problem and gets rid of the bump, giving you a smoother, more consistent trigger pulls.

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