Ghost Evo Elite Connector Installation Kit For Glocks EETIK

Ghost Evo Elite Connector Installation Kit For Glocks EETIK

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The Ghost Evo Elite connector Installation kit comes with everything that you need to take the trigger on your Glock to the next level.  This kit will improve your Glocks trigger pull characteristics allow you to more easily manipulate the trigger for faster and more accurate shooting. 


Your Choice of Striker Spring

Ghost Inc. has included  seven different components to allow you to install your Ghost Evo Elite connector and set your pistol up how you want to.  The kit includes two different striker springs, a 6-pound spring and a 4-pound spring.  The 6-pound striker spring will give you more reliable primer ignition and a smooth trigger pull.  The 4-pound striker spring is designed for sporting/target use.  The lighter 4-pound spring will reduce the trigger pull weight, allowing you to squeeze off steadier shots.  Please note that the 4-pound striker spring may cause some light primer strikes in some pistol with certain ammunition.  It is recommended that you test your striker spring and ammo combination at the range before any serious use.


Included Components

The Ghost Evo Elite Connector Kit comes with the following components

Reduced Power Firing Pin Safety Spring

6lb Trigger Spring

4lb Striker Spring

6lb Striker Spring

Ghost Armorers Plate

Ghost Armorers Tool



For assistance with installation, be sure to check out the installation instructions.

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