Ghost Glock 42 Edge Connector (GHO_42-43-2424-V-1)

Ghost Glock 42 Edge Connector (GHO_42-43-2424-V-1)

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This replacement trigger connector is designed to be compatible with the Glock 42 concealed carry pistol.  This connector improves some characteristics of the trigger pull.  Most notably, this trigger is advertised to eliminate the Glock pre-travel bump.  This bump is the first resistance that you feel when the trigger bar contacts the connector.  This bump can lead to decreased accuracy, as it may cause you o flinch or move your pistol off line.


In addition to removing the bump, the Ghost connector also has some more benefits.  This trigger will decrease the amount of force need to pull the trigger, effectively reducing trigger pull weight.  Additionally, many users note that the trigger pull feel smoother and more predictable with less creep. 


All of these benefits can result in a better shooting experience with enhanced accuracy.  Best of all, this component is meant to be a factory replacement.  With that, you need only remove the factory original part and simply replace it with this trigger connector.  The Ghost trigger connector is designed to simply drop in to place with no fitting required.


For technical expertise with installation and usage, please contact Ghost Inc.

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