Ghost Inc. Glock 3.5lb Ultimate Drop-In Conector 2105-E-4

Ghost Inc. Glock 3.5lb Ultimate Drop-In Conector 2105-E-4

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Debris Channel

  • The Ghost connector has slots along the face of the connector.  These slots function as debris channels. What they do is allows dirt and other debris to be removed from the trigger instead of blocking it in.  This has the effect of reducing friction within the trigger mechanism, which can result in a smoother trigger pull. 
  • The debris channel makes the trigger mechanism essentially self cleaning.  This is important because, as you fire, debris, such as carbon from the firing process can build up in your Glock  and on the trigger mechanism surfaces.  These deposits of debris can cause friction, which can alter the mechanics of your trigger pull, such as increasing the required trigger pull weight. 
  • In addition to the self-cleaning properties, the debris slots have the effect of reducing the thickness of the connector body.  This results in increased reset speed.

Great reviews

  • The Ghost Ultimate 3.5 trigger connector has received several positive reviews from various sources.  User say that this connector is vastly superior to the OEM Glock 3.5 connector.  Some users indicate that the Ultimate connector results in a smoother and more crisp trigger pull

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