Glock 17 10-Round Magazine 9mm Gen-4 (MF10017)

Glock 17 10-Round Magazine 9mm Gen-4 (MF10017)


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The Glock Factory Magazines Are Regarded As The Most Reliable Magazines You Can Use To Feed Your Glock.  Their Hybrid Polymer & Steel Construction Ensures That They Are Durable, Resilient And Will Give You A Long Service Life.


Magazine Body

The Glock magazine bodies have a rather unique construction when compared to other pistol magazines.  Glock elected to utilize a hybrid design that incorporated both polymer and steel, similar to the Glock pistol itself.  The mag body has a hardened steel inner line that is then covered in a polymer molding.  This hybrid construction offers several advantages that other magazine cannot offer you.  The steel inner liner ensure that this magazine is durable and able to handle hard use.  It also allows the magazine to be extremely rigid.  The polymer exterior of the magazine is able to absorb impact and also provides excellent corrosion resistance.  The polymer coat also makes for a smooth surface for the magazine follower to slide on.  This makes for smooth, reliable feeding, giving you that boring Glock reliability because your gun will just keep on running.


High Reliability Spring

Glock uses very stout springs in their magazines.  These strong springs ensure that your magazine will consistently feed you pistol and offer you a long service life.  By ensuring that your bullets have enough force to be feed into your pistol, Glock continues its focus on reliability.  Because the springs are so strong, it can make it difficult to load your magazine to full capacity.  TO remedy this issue, you can load the magazine with as many rounds as you can and then let the magazine sit overnight, or for a longer period of time.  After being compressed, the magazine should be easier to load.


Magazine Features

One of the useful features integrated into the Glock magazines is the witness holes.  Along the rear spine of the magazine, Glock has drilled holes.  These allow you to see the rear portion of your bullets when they are loaded in your magazine.  These holes are numbered and allow you to quickly assess how many rounds are loaded in your magazine.

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