Glock 43 Magazine 9mm 6-Round w/ Grip Extension (MF08844)

Glock 43 Magazine 9mm 6-Round w/ Grip Extension (MF08844)


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This magazine is a direct factory magazine made by Glock.  This magazine is made to the high standards on in the same facilities as the highly reliable Glock 43 pistols.  When buying additional magazines for your pistol, it is best to buy OEM factory magazines, such as these magazines from Glock.  This magazine is designed for the Glock 43, hold 6 rounds of 9mm ammunition and has an integrated extended finger rest for enhanced shooter comfort.


Finger Extension

This Glock 43 magazine features and extended finger rest.  This extension is made from polymer and helps to give you a more secure grip.  By extending the magazine, this essentially gives you more gripping surface, potentially allowing those with large hands to get a full grip on the pistol.  By giving you a full grip, that has the possibility to enhance your shooting performance by allowing you to have better recoil control and to be better able to manipulate the pistol.


Durable Construction

Glock magazines are designed and manufactured in a way that allows them to be as durable as the Glock pistols themselves.  Glock magazines are a hybrid construction that consists of two materials.  The inner core of Glock mag is formed from a hardened steel liner.  This steel liner gives the Glock magazine increased strength and rigidity.  Due to the steel liner, Glock magazines are able to withstand hard use and offer you a long service life.  The inner steel liner is encased by a durable polymer coating.  This polymer coating enhances the magazines in several ways.  The polymer helps to resist corrosion and wear.  Additionally, the polymer allows the Glock 43 magazine to remain resilient and resistant to deformation.

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