Glock Disassembly Tool (GT03374)

Glock Disassembly Tool (GT03374)


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The beauty of the Glock series of pistols lies in their simplicity.  Gaston Glock new that maximum efficiency would lead to ultimate reliability. As a testament to this, this one simple tool can be use to disassemble your Glock.


This is a tool that every Glock owner should have several of.  If you plan on adding parts to your Glock or doing a detailed cleaning and inspection, this tool is a must. It is so useful, compact and inexpensive that you can have have one in your glove box, range bag and tool bench.  This is the perfect tool to help you disassemble your Glock for maintenance, inspection, modification or any other task you need to perform on your Glock.  The 3/32″ punch can be used to easily remove your trigger pin, locking block pin, as well as the trigger housing pin for a more detail disassembly of your Glock pistol


This disassembly tool is simple, as with the Glock pistol itself.  The tool has a black polymer handle to give you greater leverage.  This handle is also far more comfortable that other punches with a narrow, metal handle.  The handle has a pin to allow you to drive out the pins of the Glock for disassembly.  The pin is made from a durable steel that will last.  This disassembly tool can be used on any Glock pistol to facilitate disassembly. Don’t forget to add the Glock Bench Mat to your cart to protect your Glock and work space during maintenance tasks.

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