Glock Extended Slide Release Factory Part (SP07496)

Glock Extended Slide Release Factory Part (SP07496)


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This OEM Factory Glock Component Is Designed To Fit On 3-Pin Double-Stack 9mm, .40S&W, & .357 Sig Caliber Glock Pistol.  This Includes The New Gen-4 Pistols As Well. This Slide Stop / Release Is A Standard Component On The Glock 34 & 35 Models.  For All Other Models, The Thumb Pad Has Been Slightly Enlarge To Allow For Easier Manipulation Of The Lever, Making Slide Lock Reloads Easier And More Consistent.


Factory Original Component

This Glock extended slide release is original equipment manufactured part.  This means that it is made by Glock, the same folks that produced your pistol.  By having consistency in the parts that you put on your Glock guarantees excellent fit and function.


Made Glock Tough

Like all Glock components, this Glock part was made rock solid.  The extended slide stop is stamped from durable steel.  This steel construction ensures that till slide lock will give you an excellent service life and function for thousands of rounds.  The steel is finished in a matte black color.  This color is consistent with the other components in on your Glock and will fit right in with your standard Glock finish.



There is one major difference between this slide release and the standard slide stop found on most Glock pistols.  This slide release has a slightly bulged out trapezoid design on the rear of the thumb pad.  The thumb pad is also slightly extended.  This extension and shelf make it easier for your thumb to actuate the slide release.  The original, non-extended Glock slide stop was not intended to be used to release the slide.  This is evident by its small, low profile size.  This extended slide release allows you to much more easily reach and hit the slide release, making for faster slide lock reloads.

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