Glock Tactical Rail Mounted Light/Laser Combo (TAC3680)

Glock Tactical Rail Mounted Light/Laser Combo (TAC3680)


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This compact light and laser-aiming module from Glock is an excellent choice to mount on your concealed carry piece or home defense gun.  This light is as durable and dependable as the famed Glock pistols and is available at a great sale price!


The light is this package is emitted from a xenon bulb.  The light emitted enough lumens to allow you to easily identify your target but not so many that it washes out your sight plane.  The light penetrates deeply into the darkness and also provides good spill.  The spilled or peripheral light allows you to adequately illuminate the surrounding areas, where you light is not directly pointed.  This give you greater situational awareness and prevents you from getting tunnel vision.


In addition to the xenon white light, this module also incorporates a class 3R red laser aiming unit.  This laser aiming device can prove itself invaluable in low light situations.  When in difficult lighting situations, a laser sight is far more fast and accurate than attempting to use your iron sights, even if are lucky enough to have tritium lit night sights


The light and laser units are inserted into an impact and water resistant polymer housing.  This housing provides a tough and durable structure to protect the electronics.


To ensure that the laser hit right where you want it to, it is user adjustable for both windage and elevation. 


The Glock light and laser unit is powered by 2 (included) lithium CR123A batteries.  The package also includes a hard storage case, instruction manual as well as a replacement bulb. 

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