Grip Pod Polymer Forward Vertical Grip BiPod Black (GPSLE)

Grip Pod Polymer Forward Vertical Grip BiPod Black (GPSLE)


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The Grip Pod is designed to make the most out of your picatinny rail space and enhanced the capabilities of your rifle. As the name implies, this accessory acts as both a vertical fore grip, and, with the legs deployed, will also give the ability to utilize the bipod feature.



One of the great features about the Grip Pod is that it combines what would normally by two accessories into one, compact package. One of the benefits of this is that it save valuable rail space on your handguard. Additionally, having both a bipod and a vertical fore grip would normally not be feasible on most rifles. However, the Grip Pod allows you to integration both functions seamlessly on your rifle.


Fore Grip

One of the primary functions of the Grip Pod is to function as a forward fore grip. Many shooters prefer utilizing a forward grip as opposed to grabbing the handguard. One of the reasons for this preference is because the forward grip allows your wrist to be in a more natural position.



The real difference maker with the Grip Pod is that it has integrated bipod legs that retract into the body of the vertical grip. The bipod legs, when deployed can give the shooter a much more stable platform from which to shoot from. This stable shooting platform can greatly enhance the accuracy potential of your shooting.



The Grip Pod comes with an integrated picatinny mount and is extremely easy to attach to a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail. The Grip Pod attaches to your picatinny rail section via a clamp style mount. To make the unit easy to attach the mount can be tightened down by a thumb adjustable screw that gives you enough leverage to snug it down firmly.


Polymer Construction

The Grip Pod LE version is differentiated from other products in the Grip Pod line by its full polymer construction. This Grip Pod is made from a hardened space-age polymer. This polymer is impact resistant and also extremely resistant to corrosion. In addition to the impressive durability, the polymer construction also allows this product to come in at a very competitive sale price. Further polymer is much lighter than steel and other metals. So, for those concerned about adding extra weight, the polymer construction allows the Grip Pod to remain as light as possible.

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