GunVault MicroVault XL Gun Storage Safe (MV1000-STD)

GunVault MicroVault XL Gun Storage Safe (MV1000-STD)


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Exterior Dimensions – 3.5” x 10.25” x 12”

Interior Dimensions – 2.5” x 8” x 11.5”

18 Gauge metal


Foam Lined

Low Battery Warning

Tamper indicator

Backup Key Override

1x 9v Battery (not included)

California DOJ Approved


Depending on your situation, providing your self with a secure place to store your firearms can be a necessity.  However, there is balance that must be struck between offering a sufficient level of security while being able to have fast access during times of emergency.  The MicroVault made by GunVault is made to bridge this gap.


The MicroVault XL offers a high degree of security.  The body of the safe is made from 18 gauge metal.  The code interface can be used to set over 12 million possible access codes, so it is unlikely that a non-authorized person will gain access to your locked belongings.


To protect your valuables from undue wear and tear, the interior of the safe is foam lined.  This will help to prevent from inducing scratches.


The Safe is mountable.   With this feature, you will be able to secure this safe to an appropriate location.


The safe is electronic but does have a mechanical backup.  In the unlikely event that the electronics do fail or the battery dies, the safe does have a backup override key that can be used to access the safe.  However, the safe does have a low battery LED warning light.  This light will alert you before your battery dies that you should replace the battery.


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