Hornady .338 Lapua BTHP Match 250-Grain (20-Round Box) 8230

Hornady .338 Lapua BTHP Match 250-Grain (20-Round Box) 8230


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Specifications for Hornady .338 Lapua BTHP Match

  • Based on 24” Test Barrel
  • 2900 FPS Muzzle Velocity
  • 4229 ft-lbs of Muzzle Energy
  • 0.670 G1 Ballistic Coefficient
  • 0.312 Sectional Density
  • 250-Grain Boat Tail Hollow Point Projectile
  • 20-Rounds Per Box
  • Part # 8230


Match Grade Performance

The Hornady .338 Lapua BTHP load is topped off with a match grade 250-Grain projectile.  With the advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment used by Hornady, these projectiles are among the most accurate and consistent bullets available today. The bullet has a boat tail for increase aerodynamic efficiency and a hollow point for increased consistency.


Specially Prepared Brass

The brass cases used in this Hornady Match Grade load are hand selected.  These casing are selected based on criteria that are proven to increase performance.  Cases are evaluated based on the uniformity of their wall thickness, a consistent internal capacity, consistent case weight, as well as a consistent wall concentricity.  These criteria result in proper and consistent bullet seating depth and pressure, consistent charge weights, and optical and repeatable velocity.


Next Generation AMP Bullet Jackets

Hornady has been in the bullet making business for quite some time.  During the evolution in the ammunition industry, they have come to learn quite a few things amount making bullet jackets.  Their new AMP, Advanced Manufacturing Process, is the culmination of all of their extensive experience in this industry.  Through scientific testing and experimentation, Hornady is able to produce bullet jackets with unbelievable quality.  The AMP bullet jackets are so well manufactured that they have near zero wall thickness variation.  This results in excellent concentricity and uniformity throughout the jacket.


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