Hornady LeverEvolution 30-30 Winchester 160-Grain FTX (20 Round Box) 82730

Hornady LeverEvolution 30-30 Winchester 160-Grain FTX (20 Round Box) 82730


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  • The Hornady LEVERevolution line is one of the most exciting things to happen in the world of lever action ammo.  This ammunition brings with it some immense capabilities and outstanding performance that Hornady is known for.  One of the most exciting features about this Hornady LEVERevolution bullet is the revolutionary Flex Tip Technology projectile.  These round are designed with a hollow point projectile, which is then filled with a pointed elastomer tip.  This elastomer tip greatly increased the safety of loading your ammunition into a tubular magazine.  Since the elastomer tip is soft and flexible, it is not able to accidently set off a primer, making your lever action rifle much safer.  In addition to the increased safety, the Flex Tip Technology also serves to increase the ballistic coefficient of the projectile.  This gives you flatter trajectories and increased impact energy down range with impressive expansion upon impact.
  • The LEVERevolution ammunition can give you muzzle velocities up to 250 feet per second than conventional lever rifle loads.  
  • Please note that for the best possible performance, your rifle may require a newer magazine follower to get the last round out of the magazine.  If you are not sure your follower will work, please contact the manufacturer of your rifle and discuss this with them
  • This round as a 160-Grain FTX bullet.  Out of the 24” test barrel, this load was rated at a velocity of 2400 feet per second, giving it a muzzle energy of 2046 foot-pounds.  

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