Hornady .223 Remington 55-Grain HP Steel Match 50-Round Box (80274)

Hornady .223 Remington 55-Grain HP Steel Match 50-Round Box (80274)


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If you are looking for optimum performance at an economical price, the Hornady Steel Match ammunition is exactly what you need! This ammunition utilizes that best that Hornady has to offer and is cased with a steel casing to keep costs low. This ammunition is very accurate and will give you the performance you want at a price that you’ll love.



The Hornady .223 Remington Steel Match ammunition utilizes a Hornady Match rifle bullet. This bullet is manufactured by Hornady and is extremely consistent to ensure optimal accuracy. The 55-grain projectile has a lead core and a copper jacket. The has a hollow point design which allows for a ballistic coefficient (G1) of 0.254. This allows the projectile to travel through the air efficiently to minimize drop. This is the exact same projectile used in other Hornady Match ammunition, where they do use a brasss casing.



The .223 Steel Match ammunition utilized polymer coated steel cartridge cases. The polymer coating helps the steel casing resist corrosion. Also, compared to more traditional brass cartridge casings, the steel casing are much less expensive. Due to the utilization of steel casings, this ammunition is able to be offered at a substantially reduced priced when compared to brass cased ammunition. So, you can now have excellent Hornady performance at a very low price!



The steel cases of this Hornady Steel Match load are primed with Berdan primers. The primers used in this ammunition are non-corrosive. Since the primers are non-corrosive, you do not have to take extra steps to decontaminate your rifle after shooting.


Saving Money

When match level shooters fire ammunition, they essentially leave on of the most expensive components of the ammunition on the ground, the brass cartridge casing. Hornady has replaced this brass cartridge case with a steel cartridge case. With steel being an extremely common and plentiful metal, it is substantially cheaper than brass. So, with this Hornady Steel Match ammunition, instead of ejecting that expensive brass case and essentially leaving your money on the ground, you are putting your money into the load of the ammo.

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