Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff (1526)

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff (1526)


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  • The Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic holding earmuff are by far and away, the most popular hearing protection seen on ranges around the world.  The reason is because they offer a great product that does everything you need it to do at a great price. 
  • One of the outstanding features of the shooting earmuffs is the fact that they can amplify ambient sounds while simultaneously blocking harmful sound impulses.  The can be extremely important and convenient.  On a busy shooting range, it is vital to be able to clearly hear all range commands.  With traditional earmuffs, it can be extremely difficult to hear the fait sounds of a distant range officer calling out commands.  With the Impact Sport Earmuffs, you just need to turn on the adjustable amplifier. 
  • The outer headband used on these earmuffs is extremely resilient.  It is able to withstand difficult conditions and being put back and forth into and out of a range bag. 
  • The ear cups of the Howard Leight Impact sport are a low profile design with a cut out feature.  This allows maximum clearance so that you are better able to maintain a proper cheek-weld on you rifle. 
  • This set of shooting earmuffs includes an auxiliary audio cord.  This allow you to connect your earmuff to and external audio device, such as a MP3 player or your smart phone.

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