INFORCE White Light/Infared WML Weapon Mounted Light Flat Dark Earth (INF-WML-F-WIR)

INFORCE White Light/Infared WML Weapon Mounted Light Flat Dark Earth (INF-WML-F-WIR)


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The INFORCE White/IR WML is a durable and capable weapon mounted lighting system. This module will provide you with 200 lumens of white light. In addition to the white light, this infrared model has the option to give you a 75mW infrared (IR) beam. This combination of white light and Infrared (IR) capabilities gives you the ability to handle all low light or no light situations.


Infrared Mode

The standout feature of this INFORCE WML light model is the fact that it offers you the ability to choose between a white light output and a Infrared (IR) output. While in the IR model, the INFORCE WML will give you a 850nm, 75mW beam of infrared output. This infrared output will allow you to get a brighter, more clear picture through your night vision device. The infrared light essentially works as a flashlight for your night vision equipment. The infrared light is not visible to the naked eye and will only be visible through your night vision equipment. This enables you to keep a lower profile and prevent giving your position away.

The IR mode can be set by simply switching the selector lever to the rear position. Once the selector lever is in the rear position, the WML will be able to produce infrared light. The WML will still have all of the same activation modes in the IR mode, including constant on, as well as momentary illumination.



The INFORCE weapon mounted light is powered by a single lithium 123A battery. The unit does come with a battery included in the package so that you can get up and running right away. The lithium battery will give you 1.5 hours of run time when the unit is in the white light mode. You will have a total of 3.5 hours of tun time when utilizing the IR mode. The battery can be easily accessed and replaced by removing the head of the unit.



The INFORCE IR WML is based in a fiber composite body. This fiber composite body allows the unit to be extremely light weight (3 ounces) while also remaining very durable. The unit also has a high impact window to prevent interference to the illumination provided. The unit is waterproof and rated to 66 feet.



The WML IR/White light model has an mounting based integrated into it’s design. The integrated base is a clamp style mount that is designed to be installed on a picatinny style rail. No tools are require to mount or remove the light. The light can be installed or removed by simply manipulating the integrated thumb screw.



The INFORCE WML can be set to operate in a variety of different modes. The available modes include a constant on/off, momentary, as well as strobe. The strobe function is only available in the white light mode.   

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